The Very Model of a Roman Woman Warrior [Recommended Event]

29 Mar

Come attend Professor Judith P. Hallett’s lecture, ” The Very Model of a Roman Woman Warrior,” on April 11th.  There will be a reception at 6 p.m., with the lecture at 6:30 in Funger Hall 103.  Professor Hallett (UMD) will be discussing contemporary Roman Republican and later Imperial images of Fulvia, the formidable second wife of Roman general and politician Mark Antony and the venomous enemy of Cicero.



Prof. Hallett is a dynamic lecturer who is well known in the US and England for her expertise in Roman literature and culture, especially Latin love elegy, and as a faculty member at the University of Maryland, she is our neighbor as well. Her lecture “The Very Model of a Roman Warrior” will focus on the formidable Fulvia, second wife of the Roman general and political leader Mark Antony– Prof. Hallett has provided a vivid image for the poster that pungently illustrates the provocative nature of her persona to a 19th-century artistic imagination!

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