Oh no! I have a hold! How do I get rid of that?

22 Mar

Never fear, getting rid of pesky holds is easy at the UHP!

All honors program students are encouraged to see an Honors Program Officer before registration, Colombian College students who have not yet declared a major MUST meet with one (either Liz or Catherine) BEFORE registration.   

Fortunately, it’s easy!

To get a hold removed, you can simply attend a hold removal party!  (Sounds fun, right?) Here’s your invitation!

Who: You!

What: Your unwanted holds

Where & When (option 1):
Brunch at Pelham Commons (MVC) on Sunday March 24th from 11am to 2pm

Where & When (option 2):
Pizza in the Club Room (FB) on Wednesday March 27th from 5pm to 7pm

Where & When (option 3):
Pizza in the Club Room (FB) on Monday April 1st from 2:30pm to 4:30pm

Why: Because no one likes not being able to register.

What to bring: Either an advisor approval form or an online completed DegreeMap Planner

*Please note, Catherine and Liz can’t remove non-Columbian academic or non-academic holds.  If you have a hold from the library, you need to talk to the library to get that removed as soon as possible.


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