Wait, When Do I Register?

12 Mar

url-1If you’re an Honors student a little confused about when you register, this might help.  (Don’t forget to check out the complete registration guide, too!

Honors students registering for their second, third, or fourth semester of classes get privileged registration.  That’s April 3rd, 2013. That means freshmen and rising sophomores should be up and ready to go at 7am!

Privileged registration is restricted to only those students because that’s when Honors students face the most requirements for courses they must take.  The early registration makes that process easier! That’s right, there’s a method here.  While we’d love for everybody in the UHP to have privileged registration, that’s just not in the cards.  But hey, you’re Honors students – so chances are you’ve got a few extra credits under your belt already. If you’ve got enough earned credits, you’ll be registering earlier than others in your class year anyway.

See, that makes sense.

See, that makes sense.

Earned credit hours are credits that are complete.  Remember, you can’t count in-progress courses towards your earned credit hours when figuring out your registration date.  Why?  It’s possible (even if very unlikely) that you could fail a course you’re taking this semester — then you’d get 0 credits for the course!  You’ve got to earn it first for it to count, hence the term “credits earned.”

We know, this is your reaction when someone says you might get an F.

We know, this is your reaction when someone says you might get an F.

Your registration day is the only day you can register until “general registration.” General registration starts on April 13, 2013. So, choose wisely and don’t miss your registration day! If you sleep in and forget, there’s really nothing we can do to give you a “do-over,” since we lost our time-turner a couple years back.

Feeling ready to register?

Feeling ready to register?

And if you’re a freshmen, avoiding semester-ruining problems during registration is the exact reason we have small group advising.  So be smart and sign up now!


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