CCAS Holds on Your Account? Here’s what to do.

11 Feb

It’s okay, we can get you out of this hold.

If you’re a CCAS freshmen or sophomore, you can expect holds to start appearing on your accounts.  Holds prevent you from registering for classes next semester, so you’ll want to make sure you get them removed. Here’s what they are, and what you’ll need to do. 

CCAS “Declaration of Major” holds are being placed on accounts with 30+ credit hours starting today.  If you get one of these and you’re a freshmen, you don’t actually need to do anything special – you’ll get it removed when you get your “advising hold” removed (keep reading!)  You’ve got it because you’ve got so many transfer credits that the robots think you’re a sophomore.  Silly robots.

If you get a “Declaration of Major” hold and you’re a sophomore, you need to declare a major.  Fill out this form and bring it to CCAS (Phillips 107).  Don’t freak out though, you can always change your major later if you’re not sure.  They’re not blood contracts anymore.

CCAS “Advising holds” will start appearing on the accounts of all CCAS students with less than 30 credits later this month.  This one’s easy! Fill out an Honors Advisor Approval form and Catherine or Liz can lift the hold for you (or talk to your CCAS advisor.)  We’re going to have plenty of opportunities for you to get your advising hold removed, including pizza parties.  Stay tuned for that info, it’s coming soon!


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