Freshmen Workshops: Just a Few Seats Left!

23 Jan

Freshmen!  The first workshops start tomorrow!  You need to attend just one session, so pick the one you’d like and sign up before it fills up.  Click here for a consolidated view if you know what topic you want to attend, or keep reading for all the details.

Making Sense and Making the Most of DegreeMap with Catherine Chandler

Foggy Bottom: Thursday 1/24/13 at 3pm | Mt. Vernon: Wednesday, 1/30/13 at 3:30pm

Does DegreeMap seem like just a big pile of jargon, taunting you with limited information and a status bar that believes you’re 50% finished at GW? Do you yearn for snazzier tools to make four year planning (even more) fun? Are you not even sure what DegreeMap is??? This workshop will equip you to use DegreeMap to your best advantage, explaining what it does, what it doesn’t do, and how it can be your best friend on Banweb.


Research – What, Why, When, How and With Whom with Catherine Chandler

Foggy Bottom: Friday, 2/1/13 at 3pm  | Mt. Vernon: Tuesday, 2/5/13 at 1pm

Undergraduate Research sounds great and you think you want to do it! But what are we talking about, really? Why do research – don’t I already do that in my classes? When should I do research, am I ready now? How do I get involved? And how do I talk to faculty about it? This workshop will explore the wonderful world of undergraduate research and give you the understanding and confidence to take the plunge and make some knowledge!


Stress Management and Time Management: From Asanas to Apps with Liz Sutton

Foggy Bottom: Friday, 1/25/13 at 1pm | Mt. Vernon: Thursday, 2/7/13 2pm

College busier and more stressful than anticipated? This workshop will help you develop concrete skills and strategies for time and stress management. Skills taught will range widely from yoga (asanas), breathing, and visualization to the myriad of productivity applications available for your laptop, tablet, and smartphone – from ancient Hinduism to your iPhone, we’ve got you covered. A calmer, more organized spring semester is in your future!


StrengthsQuest: Taking your Talents Further with Liz Sutton

Foggy Bottom: Wednesday, 1/30/13 at 2:30pm | Mt. Vernon: Tuesday, 1/29/13 at 2:30pm

If you were intrigued by your StrengthsFinder results during our fall 2012 small group meetings and want to learn more, this workshop is for you. We will delve further into interpreting your five themes, learn how they interact and overlap, and develop concrete strategies for how you can capitalize on your talents in order to reach academic, extracurricular, career, and personal goals.


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