New Year’s Resolution: Get $500 [Spring 2013 SURE Award]

3 Jan

Use your winter break down time productively.  Did you come up with intriguing questions that just need to be researched over break?  Questions like:

  • What really is the most economically efficient form of gift giving?
  • Could we genetically alter trees to glow, so we wouldn’t need to buy lights?
  • What cultural and social paradigms converge at holiday dinner to create such terrible, awkward, uncomfortable conversation?

Well, maybe you have better research ideas than that.  Either way, you’ve got just the rest of this month to complete and submit your SURE Award application!

That’s right, if you’ve got an excellent research proposal, we’ve got $500 to help you do it.

The possibilities are endless, but the deadline to apply for the spring 2013 semester is January 25, 2013 February 1st, 2013.

Keep reading for more info, or read about the award here.

Who: All UHP Students

What: Research of any kind, in any subject. For a course or for fun, it’s up to you!

When: Spring and/or Summer and/or Fall of 2013

Where: Like Indiana Jones, you go where your research takes you.

Why: Settle unanswered questions from class; test your interest in a field; set yourself apart in job and grad applications; get the money you need to do the research you want!

Students can apply for grants in support of their research up to the amount of $500 for such needs as (but not limited to) equipment or supplies, travel costs to libraries or conferences, or image rights.  Funds are available to support research activities conducted during the spring, summer, and/or fall semesters of 2013, and applications are due January, 25, 2013.

To Apply: Complete this online form. 

**PLEASE NOTE** You must have a faculty member submit a statement of support.  Send them the link included in the online form for them to submit this statement.

Got more questions?  Leave a comment or contact Catherine Chandler at for more information.

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