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Is there an Inspired Teacher in you?

31 Jan

Earn your teaching license while making a difference in the classroom

The Inspired Teacher Certification Program is now accepting applications for the 2013 cohort of Inspired Teaching Fellows. Grounded in the belief that teaching is an intellectually rigorous and demanding profession, the Inspired Teacher Certification Program uses the unique structure of the residency model to prepare new teachers. Participants in our residency program have a full year to develop the skills of engaging diverse students, managing classrooms, and planning effective lessons by working alongside an experienced Lead Teacher. Instead of being fast-tracked into the teaching profession, our Fellows are better prepared for the challenges of teaching in an urban, high-poverty classroom.  Continue reading

Enter the Strasser Writing Prize

31 Jan

The UHP is now accepting your entries for the 2013 Strasser Writing Prize!

The Strasser prize awards a grand prize of $100 and two runner-ups of $50 to the best papers written in any Honors course over the past year.  You can only enter one paper, so make sure it’s your best!

Submit your entry online after reading the full rules (which have changed from last year).  This year’s deadline for entries is Friday, March 1st, 2013.

You’ve already written the paper, now submit!

Graduating? Let us know!

31 Jan

Seniors, this is our last call: if you’re graduating this spring you must complete this form. You have until 5pm on February 1st to fill it out.

Free Trip to the Newseum [SPA Event]

30 Jan


Join SPA members Breanna Browne and Jess Burnell as they adventure to the Newseum. Meet them along with Liz and Professor Ralkowski on Friday, Feburary 8th @ 1:00pm  at the Honors Townhouse to walk over to the Newseum. Tickets are normally $17.95 for students, so seize the opportunity to go for free! Click HERE to sign up.

Is that technically a pun?

Last Call for Honors Contract [Deadline]

30 Jan
Hurry up! Complete your Honors Contract.

Hurry up! Complete your Honors Contract.

If you’re taking a contract course, make sure to get your Honors Contract complete.

This line is where the jokes normally go, but the deadline is this Friday!  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  Hurry up and get your contract submitted.

How do you know if you need to complete an Honors Contract? Keep reading to find out.

Continue reading