Someone’s At the Door [It’s the Grinch]

11 Dec
photo (1)

Our door! (It still works, we promise!)

We’re entering the GW Door Decorating contest!  If you’ve been to our Ames office over the past few days, you’ve probably noticed something a little different about our entry way!

The Grinch is there! (Or, the GW-rinch.  Eh?  Eeeeehh?!) Also pictured: his cave on the mountain top, his dog Max disguised as the VEX, all the presents, and a poem explaining the whole story.

Special thanks to UHPers Kerry Lanzo and Preston Whitt for the designing the tableau and writing the poem (respectively).

Stop by and see the Grinch!

How the Grinch Greened GW

-By Preston Whitt

Every G-Dub down in Foggy,
Understood why the planet was hot,
But the Grinch,
Who lived just northwest of downtown,

The Grinch heard “Go Green!” but misheard the reason.
With jealousy, he decided to act during the Holiday season.
Being quite green himself, the Grinch was insulted the most,
that different GW dorms turned ‘green’ to a boast!

Atop Williamson Clock Tower perplexed from toenail to snout,
The Grinch knew that G-Dubs were recycling all about!
Glass bottles and plastic, paper cardboard and white,
“They recycle them all, yelling ‘Go Green’, with pure spite!”

And so it was then that an idea zoomed in,
“How ever will they recycle if I steal every bin??”
“Better yet,” he continued with a pitiful pout,
“I’ll steal presents too, so there can be no doubt!”

With this dastardly plot planned, he prepared to begin!
And cackled and hooted and crackled a grin.
“Now all I need is a way, sneaky snake secret,
to get down to Foggy with no one to see it.”

He considered the Vex, so convenient and clean,
but the drivers’ friendliness gave him aches in his spleen.
He thought and thought hard and finally decided,
His dog Max dressed as the Vex was perfect to be rided!

Poor Max did his best, marked up like a shuttle,
Carried the Grinch, without a rebuttle.
They sneaked down to Foggy, on the G-Dubs sole reading day,
The Grinch knew they’d be studying, safely out of his way.

He bagged up those bins, and the presents too for good measure,
And muttered “I’m the greenest of all!” with mischievous pleasure.
He worked and he labored all through the night,
And by the time G-Dub awoke, there was no bin in sight.

“Oh no!” the G-Dubs lamented, shouting out cries.
“We can’t just trash our old notes as the poor planet dies!”
And the Grinch, now green with the greenest of pride,
Listened and smiled, as his green rivals hopelessly tried.

In sadness, a young G-Dub Vexed up to the Vern,
Hoping to use its peaceful quiet to learn.
When she stepped off the shuttle, what did she see,
but the Grinch happily recycling, alone, and with glee.

“Why, Mr. Grinch, did you take our presents and bins?
We only wanted to recycle our old notebooks, thicks and thins!”
The Grinch suspected a trick but to himself thought,
“I have to do something, this G-Dub has me caught!”

After a minute, and two, then three and then four,
No ideas zipped in, no, not a single lie more.
So the Grinch told the truth, for the very first time.
“I want to be Green!“ he shouted. “That job is mine!”

Surprising them both, the honesty won,
And both Grinch and G-Dub understood what needed to be done.
“Maybe you feel just a bit neglected out here.
I have an idea that should fix that fear.”

Working together, the Grinch and his new friend,
Returned the bins to both campuses, but that’s not the end!
“Attention all G-Dub,” they announced quite loud.
They shouted and called and attracted a crowd.

“We have forgotten our friend on the Vern,
So here is the lesson that we all should learn.
GW has not one campus here, but two!
And for our Green mission here is what we will do.
The Grinch, being Green, may know better than us,
The best of the best ways to recycle, as we must.
I’ve explained that going Green is a city-wide mission,
and the Greenest Green Grinch has agreed to listen.
From now on our recycling will be better, we say!”
And their teamwork built a community that did not end that day.
G-Dubs and Grinch, both Foggy and Vern,
realized that only together could the most green be earned!

And that, my friends, just so all of us know, is how the Grinch helped our community grow.
For whatever reason, be it nice or mean, in the end what we got was a world more clean.

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