Don’t Worry, It’s Not the Alpacalypse [Sherpa]

10 Dec
Sherpa, the sherpa

Sherpa, the sherpa

A Young Scholar Writes:

Dear Sherpa,

I have a really tough finals schedule, and all of them will make or break my grade! (i.e. determine an A or A-). I’m getting completely overwhelmed thinking about all my tests and papers at the same time. How do I make sure I’m putting enough time into studying for/writing all of them?

Freshman Fearing Failing at Finals

Dear F.f.f.a.f.,

I felt the same way when I saved the world from a complete Alpacalypse. I was the leader of a team commissioned to destroy a large asteroid headed toward the planet. I recruited my old friends Bruce and Ben and we set off for the great endeavor. 

I was low on oxygen because my snout did not fit in my space helmet. There was so much resting in my hooves and I could hardly keep my thoughts straight. But I kept myself focused by repeating, “I don’t want to close my eyes, I don’t want to fall asleep…” I didn’t want to miss a thing. I couldn’t afford to. It was an intense situation, and we pulled through using techniques that you can use for your “final” conundrum as well- make a schedule, keep focused, and take snack breaks.

Make a colorful schedule, breaking your work into two-hour slots, with plenty of time for rest in between. Everything seems more manageable if you concentrate on just drilling a few miles at a time, rather than thinking about how much more you have to go. Try to stick to your schedule, but if things take longer than anticipated, be patient with yourself – we got delayed when our drill broke, but we were calm and repaired it with a skein of my fur, which is stronger than steel. Most importantly, plan ahead.  If you haven’t started working yet, it’s not too late.  Start now.

Take a break to rest your eyes while a friend peer-edits your paper; take a long shower; stop and take in the sight of seeing Earth from afar. Keeping calm, well-rested, and well-fed is critical to keeping your stress levels down, hence why I brought so much freeze dried ice cream and Tang with me. To keep stocked with your own brain food of choice, don’t forget that the UHP Clubroom — the nicest, most exclusive study space filled with your friends and SPA to help you with your Origins paper — is open for extended study hours starting Wednesday 12/12 with plenty of snacks and coffee. And don’t forget about GW’s Counseling Center, which can provide help if needed.

Don’t fret – I conquered that asteroid. Though Bruce didn’t make it, I still consider it a personal success. Plus, you have the advantage of having more oxygen around you than I did.

Best of luck,


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