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An RSS Gift From Us To You!

26 Dec

Happy Holidays from the UHP!  In honor of the many holidays that members of our community are celebrating this time of year, the UHP is giving you the gift of RSS.

RSS is a really simple way to get the UHP Blog on any platform, wherever you’d like.  It’ll send you all of our posts in realtime.   That way you can keep up with all of the honors happenings no matter how relaxed you are during winter break!  Here’s the link you’ll need!  Have a safe holiday season!

UHPers in Poli Sci Newsletter!

19 Dec

Check out Adam Bethke and Dan Horning on page 6 of the Poli Sci newsletter!  Screen cap below, and link to the full pdf here.

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 4.08.25 PM

Happy Holidays From @theUHP!

19 Dec

For all of you with Twitter accounts, keep us informed with what you’re doing over winter break. And remember, the UHP has our own Twitter account, too!  Share your fun by including us on any relevant Tweets, uploads, or links you share between now and the upcoming semester. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter so you can get our Honors Program updates as well! Let’s make every UHP tweet like a single Christmas light on a giant, glowing tree of sharing and caring.

Super Study Hours Continue in UHP Townhouse

18 Dec

The complete schedule is here.  We’ll have our doors open through the end of the week.  So come by, get your study on, and have a snack!

How To: Study Hours in the UHP

14 Dec

Study hours continue this weekend in the UHP townhouse in Foggy Bottom.  You can find the complete schedule here.

Here’s a few tips on how to win at life, and at studying in the UHP:

People tend to use the club room for group study, and the basement for quiet study. We have no official enforcement of it, so just be courteous to your fellow studiers, especially if you’re in the basement.

There’s probably a more polite way to ask.

Bring a mug for all the coffee and hot chocolate you care to drink.  Did you know that the average college student drinks 5000 gallons of coffee each day during finals?  That’s not true at all, but still, bring a mug.

We're just shocked this photo actually exists.

We’re just shocked this photo actually exists.

Make sure to clean up after yourselves. Or we’ll have more mice than a Walt Disney fever dream.

Pictured: Walt Disney's Fever Dream

Pictured: Walt Disney’s Fever Dream

Be hygienic.  Seriously, guys, it’s gross to eat out of the bag.  Here’s the problem with literally shoving your hand into communal food: Your Hand>Bag>Your Mouth>Bag>EVERYONE ELSE’S MOUTHS.  That’s essentially the same thing as Your Hand>Everyone Else’s Mouths.  Visualize that.  Or worse, everyone else’s hands in your mouth.  Visualize that. Gross.  Pour a little out on a napkin or plate.  We’re trying to keep the typhoid outbreaks to a minimum here.

Pictured: Nightmare fuel.

Pictured: This is what happens when you eat from the bag.  We’re even more shocked that this photo exists.