Last Chance: Food for Thought [Event]

26 Nov

**Yikes!  This event is already full!  If someone drops their seat, it will be immediately reflected on the booking page.** It’s time for another Food for Thought! We’ll being the food, you bring the thought.  Seats are limited, and these events are always super popular, so check to see if there are any spots left to sign up!

The History That We Are

“When I left the auditorium, I was speechless. For a brief moment I felt as if I had a glimpse into the ground and foundation of the world. In my inner being, something was touched that had been asleep for a long time.” That is how one person described the experience of listening to Martin Heidegger present his philosophy in 1929 (Heidegger is one of the most important and controversial philosophers of the 20th century). In this Food for Thought talk professor Ralkowski will present an overview of Heidegger’s philosophy of education and try to make sense of what Heideggar meant when he said that the history of metaphysics is “the history that we are.”

Wednesday, November 28th,2012


UHP Club Room (714 21st St. NW)

Sign up now, seats are limited!


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