What Makes You “Honors” [Good Article]

16 Nov

Have you ever wondered exactly why it is that you’re an “honors” student?

Do you think of yourself as an inherently smart person?  Do things come easy to you because you’re just bright?

Or do you think of yourself as a person that puts in more effort than others? Do you struggle for your A’s?

According to this great article from NPR, your perception about yourself might come from your cultural upbringing.  And the effects can go far beyond what you might imagine.

From the article:

Obviously if struggle indicates weakness — a lack of intelligence — it makes you feel bad, and so you’re less likely to put up with it. But if struggle indicates strength — an ability to face down the challenges that inevitably occur when you are trying to learn something — you’re more willing to accept it.

Listen to the audio piece, or read the full article here.


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