National Defense University seeks Interns

15 Nov

The National Defense University is a program committed to providing research and training simulations to government officials which prepare those officials for problems they face in every day activities.  The National Defense University is seeking an intern to research under Dr. Stephen Bowles starting in January 2013.  The intern will work with Dr. Bowles researching couples’ resilience, leadership, deployment psychology, and mind-body research.


  • College junior, senior, or graduate student
  • Maintained a 3.5 GPA
  • Can work 16 hours a week during the school year and 40 hours a week during the summer
  • Strong writing and oral communication skills
  • Can commit to a 6 month internship (1 year is preferred)


  • Writing literature reviews, articles, etc.
  • Preparing journal publication submissions
  • Coordinating articles with co-authors
  • Organizing paperwork and files
  • Data analysis
  • Responsible for internet operations, recruiting and scheduling participants, providing consent forms, administering psychological tests, operating interview audio recording equipment.

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