The Culture of the Spectator [Recommended Event]

5 Nov

Shown: Spec-tater

Is there such thing as a spectator culture?  Anyone who’s ever been to a tailgate party can attest: oh yes, there is. But are spectators tied together in more ways than just the thing they… spectate?  Is there really a culture behind it?  Come find out!

Dennis Kennedy, a distinguished scholar working on performance and cultural studies will be visiting GW. On Monday, November 12, from 1-2 pm, in Rome Hall 771, Dr. Kennedy will be presenting an illustrated lecture on “The Culture of the Spectator.” Currently Beckett Professor of Drama Emeritus in Trinity College Dublin, Kennedy will consider examples from sports, popular culture, and the theater in order to open up a discussion about a “culture” of the spectator in the present. He will be able to address issues across a range of fields, including but not limited to American and cultural studies, performance criticism, early modern and Shakespeare studies, translation studies, and visual culture.

More info here:

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