9 Tips for Privileged Registration

1 Nov

If you’re an Honors student with privileged registration: tomorrow is your big day! Some UHPers get privileged registration so that they can register for their required Honors courses.

Here are some savory,  meaty, beefy tips to help you through: 

  1. Yes, registration starts at 7am.  In the morning.  Be alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic.
  2. If you’re a UHPer living in West Hall, meet up for coffee and donuts starting at 6:30am at the elevators on the Honors floor.  Noms!
  3. In case there’s a problem, Liz and Catherine will be on campus super early.  Call (994-6816 or 242-6040), email (uhp@gwu.edu), or chat to get help.  (For the quickest response, it’s best to try and chat or call. Please be reflective of your problem and considerate of other students that may need immediate assistance.  Catherine and Liz are but mortals, remember.)
  4. (ALERT: BEGIN KNOCKING ON WOOD VIGOROUSLY WHILE READING THE FOLLOWING) It’s not unheard of for Honors students to be coded incorrectly and so unable to register.  It’s happened before that the entire class is locked out of courses. If that happens, don’t panic. Stay calm. Take deep breaths.  Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook where we can announce any potential major problems that affect the lot of you.  Also great resources: the Registrar’s Facebook page and the UHP student group. (END KNOCKING ON WOOD NOW)
  5. If you have a registration problem and decide to call the Registrar: BE POLITE.  Remember, if there is a problem that requires the Registrar’s assistance, it will be a problem with your privilege not being perfect enough.  So be polite.
  6. If you still have a hold on your account….. yeeeesh!  Where have you been? You might have to hustle Friday morning to get that taken care of!  We can help you figure out how if you’re not sure.
  7. Once registration closes at the end of the day, you can’t alter your registration again until your “normal” registration day.
  8. We know it’s super early, but it’s just as early for you as it is for everyone else, so take solace in your sleepy, yawny commiseration with fellow students and staff.
  9. Also, you don’t have to see someone yawn to make you have to yawn. You can just read the word yawn lots of times, or say the word yawn, or think the word yawn, and you’ll feel like you have to yawn.  Fun fact, yawn.

Good luck.  You’re gonna do great.


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