Joining Camp Kesem [Volunteer Opportunity]

19 Oct

Honors students have always kept a strong tradition of involvement with Camp Kesem.  Check it out! It might just be for you. 

Camp Kesem is a national nonprofit organization that provides free one-week summer camps for the children of past and present cancer patients across the country.  GW’s camp was started by a group of UHP freshmen in 2007.  I heard about CKGW at CI last year and immediately knew that I wanted to be involved and it has ben the most rewarding thing that I have ever done. The kids are fantastic and I had the time of my life working with them this summer.  They are all dealing with a lot at home, but Camp Kesem gives everyone a chance to just have fun and be a kid for a week. Many people don’t understand or really even think about how children of cancer patients deal with their situations, but the reality is that most of these kids have to grow up much faster than they should.  Camp Kesem gives everyone to have a much-needed break. – Sydnee Fielkow

Throughout the year, Camp Kesem members work hard to ensure that camp is as amazing as it can be, while also raising enough money to keep camp completely free for the campers.  Their Executive Board for the 2012-2013 year has started working on some amazing events, but they rely on their members to make everything happen.  Becoming a member is easy and you receive their e-mails telling you what exciting stuff is coming up.  They encourage their members to become committee members and help their E-Board out.  The committees are: Fundraising, Admin and Programming, Camper Care, Student Support, and Public Relations. Later this year, their members will apply to become counselors for their 2013 camp.  If you are interested in becoming a member of Camp Kesem GW, attend their General Body Meeting on October 25 at 9 pm in Marvin 310.  Also feel free to for some more information.

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