An Evening of Glitz and Glamor [Profs on the Town]

17 Oct

This month, UHPers travelled out to see an event in DC that related to their class.  This post is written by UHPer Roxanne Goldberg.

An evening of glitz and glamor, students from Professor Cheryl Vann’s Arts and Humanities course, Medieval Women and the Men who Loved and Loathed Them, visited the Kennedy Center Saturday evening for a performance of Don Giovanni

One of the most highly regarded legends of opera history, the Mozart-composed tale of excess, jealousy, betrayal, and relentless love, was the ideal supplement to a course that centers itself around discussion of the way women were perceived and treated by men in the Middle Ages, and how those themes remain relevant today. Saturday’s performance by the rising stars of the Washington National Opera was the first opera experience for all but one student in Professor Vann’s class.

An enjoyable evening for all, the Professor Vann’s students look forward to further expanding their cultural horizons  and taking the lessons learned from Don Giovanni and applying them to future papers and projects.


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