Be a Research Assistant in Spring 2013

15 Oct

We know, most of you hear “research assistant” and you immediately think , “Just like Igor, my hero”

But for those of you who haven’t been kindling a deep desire to assist a professor in interesting research your whole life, let me break down to you exactly what being a research assistant means:

  1. Professors do more than teach.  They also do research and write books.
  2. They need help.  That help is called a research assistant.
  3. Research assistants do lots of things ranging from data entry to performing tests to conducting interviews to cloning genes to more.  It all depends on the project and the professor.
  4. In return, research assistants get academic credit.  They also can be listed in the acknowledgments section of the final product.  Sometimes they’re even published as co-author.

So, you think it would be pretty cool to be a co-author of a major study before you even graduate college.  But how?

Luckily for you UHPers, professors want students just like you to be their research assistants.  Just check out our listing of available Research Assistantships for UHPers and apply for the one(s) you’re interested in by October 26th, 2012.  We’re hoping to have you hear back in time for registration, so you know what to plan for.

Then, have an amazingly awesome academic experience and impress your friends, family, admissions boards, and employers with your achievement!



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