Walk-In Advising at the UHP!

8 Oct

Liz Sutton was once just a little girl with a dream, hoping to one day advise Honors students when they were available, and without an appointment. Today, that dream is finally a reality. She never thought the day would come, the day when a student could visit the Townhouse on Foggy Bottom after hours, from 5-7pm, walk right in and talk to her or a member of the SPA. Questions will be answered! Conversations will be had! And issues will be resolved in a timely manner!

Help make Liz’s lifelong goal more than just a pipe dream. Join hands with the UHP and say, on Wednesday nights, from 5-7pm, yes, we can.

Can’t wait to see you there, all hyped up on UHP patriotism and caffeine.

If you need an appointment during regular daytime hours, make sure to make an appointment.

These colors don’t run.

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