Free Concert, Free Food, Free Learning!

20 Sep

Alumni weekend is just around the corner! While you have yet to actually earn a diploma, the University is allowing you, in good faith, to attend some of these amazing events. Maybe now you’ll actually go to class, encouraged by the post-grad promises of Earth, Wind and Fire.

The weekend of September 27-30th, alumni will return and you can get a glimpse of your future after you leave the Foggy Bottom cocoon. Our own Professor Peter Caws will be delivering a lecture on the philosophy of modern politics. There will be service opportunities, a Taste of DC event and a concert by Earth, Wind and Fire.

Students can get into some of these events for free by registering HERE.

Professor Caws’ lecture will be on Saturday, September 29th from 9:30-10:45am. Held in the Marvin Center Amphitheater, the lecture, entitled Left, Right, and Center: The Shifting Ground of 21st-Century Politics, will “take a good-humored look at the current political scene from a philosophical point of view, asking how the contrast between left and right has changed over time and how some of the markers of these positions now play out in relation to one another. The old ideal of a loyal opposition curbing the excesses of the ruling party and cooperating in bringing policy back towards a stable center is in danger of succumbing to intractable ideological conflicts. How seriously should we take these conflicts and how can they be defused? Philosophy suggests that we should all be a little less sure of how right we are, and a little more ready to embrace one another’s worries and uncertainties.”

Make sure to come out and enjoy all Alumni Weekend has to offer!


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