Alex Yudelson at the DNC

12 Sep

Two UHP students went to the DNC as delegates earlier this month.  Alex Yudelson checked in with us to tell us about his amazing opportunity.

-The following is written by Alex Yudelson.-

Alex Yudelson

Alex Yudelson at the DNC

In February I got a phone call informing me that I was chosen as a delegate for Barack Obama to the Democratic National Convention, representing the 29th Congressional District in Upstate NY.

Fast forward seven months and I found myself casting my ballot to nominate President Obama for another term as president of the United States. 

 The week was a combination of celebration, business, and learning. During the day, I attended caucuses. We learned how to take our message back to our home districts to help re-elect President Obama. In the evening, we made our way to Time Warner Cable Arena to hear elected officials and celebrities speak and to vote on party business. I heard everyone from President Obama to Eva Longoria speak, Mary J. Blige to James Taylor perform, and in undoubtedly the most emotional moment of the convention, former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords led the pledge of allegiance. And of course, late at night there were the after-parties, where half-drunk congressmen and delegates awkwardly danced the Electric Slide.

Having been to a lot of political events at GW, the convention was a different experience for me than many other delegates. More than seeing dignitaries speak or sitting with Governor Andrew Cuomo in the convention hall, it was a surreal experience to actually play a role in our democratic process—being one of only a few hundred delegates to represent New York in nominating the president. It is just about impossible for me to be objective, but I truly believe that we had a great convention that will push us toward victory in November, and it was incredible to be a part of.

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