A lil’ bit about Lil’ Franny Dee

3 Sep

Lil’ Franny Dee hides in UHP publications.  Put on your “Private Eye” caps and keep an eye out for her!  If you spot her, you can win a $10 gift card.  She’s tiny and black and white.  (So that means not large and in color.)

Here’s how to win:

  1. Look for Lil’ Franny Dee in UHP content (she’s a little owl, and is always black and white).
  2. When you see her, go to our Facebook page.
  3. Be the first to post “I Saw Lil’ Franny Dee in ____________!” on our wall. Make sure to include where you saw her, so we know you’re not just really, really, slow about reading the NewsFlash or something.
  4. The same person can’t win twice in a row.

Lil’ Franny Dee could show up anywhere from in the text of the NewsFlash! to blog posts to photobombing pictures.  Keep your eyes peeled and you can win!

Remember, you have to already “Like” our Facebook page to be able to post on it (so I guess you better go do that now!)

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