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Suite Warming Party and Welcome Reception at the UHP!

31 Aug

Honors students: join us for our suite warming and welcome reception in our sweet new suite in Ames 101 on the Mt. Vernon Campus!

This is always a great way to meet professors you might be taking classes with later, catch up with old friends, and meet the rest of the ever changing UHP student body.

And there will be tasty finger foods!

Wednesday, September 12th from 4pm to 6pm in Ames Hall, in and around Suite 101.

RSVP on Facebook now, so we know to order enough food. Then, invite all of your Honors friends!

You can stop by for just a few minutes, or stay for the whole thing!  We’re looking forward to seeing you all there.

Dean’s Lecture on Shakespeare [Recommended Event]

28 Aug

Christianity and Homelessness [Research Stories]

28 Aug

–This post is written by UHP student Hunter Scott, who received a SURE Award for sociological research.

Over the summer, I interviewed ten men and one woman who considered themselves to be experiencing homelessness, and who also self-identified as Christian. I was interested in how the two usually separately studied experiences of extreme poverty and faith interacted.  Limited previous work in the field of Sociology (my major) had shown that homeless individuals often kept a strong private faith, which they utilized as a tool of resilience and inspiration to overcome addictions, unemployment, and an education. However, those studies also showed that they avoided organized religion and congregations, fearing shame from the members of their churches due to their housing status. I hypothesized that a Christian faith would lead someone experiencing homelessness to develop a structural view of their own position in society. Then, they might naturally begin to utilize their faith to understand the inequalities and contradictions inherent in the housing, education, employment, and law enforcement systems we live with, and even draw inspiration to fight back through advocacy and fellowship.  This I drew from the Black Liberation Theology of James H. Cone and the Latin American Liberation Theology of Gustavo Guitierrez. Continue reading

Appointments: Now in Two Delicious Flavors!

28 Aug

This year we’re skipping the traditional walk-in hours for the first two weeks of the semester, and instead using a new option for appointments!

Starting right this very moment, you have the option of booking a 15 minute OR a 30 minute appointment with either Liz or Catherine!

Please note that 15 minutes is the default booking time, so if you want a 30 minute appointment, you have to select it! (You’ll see the dropdown menu for it after you select your start time.)

If you’re still looking for drop-ins, come to express advising hours, every Wednesday from 5-7pm in Foggy Bottom to see Liz and some SPA!

Head over and make your appointment now!

Remember, always take note of where you made your appointment!  You don’t want to show up at the Mt. Vernon Campus if Liz or Catherine is waiting for you in Foggy Bottom!

What’s the Deal with the Dual Campus?

27 Aug

This year, the UHP is spearheading the Dual Campus Model.  What does that mean?

We’re in two places!  We have offices on the Mt. Vernon Campus AND in Foggy Bottom.  Find us at Ames Suite 101 (MVC) or 714 21st Street NW (FoBo).

We tried this approach first.

Just like Dr. Manhattan, we’re in two places!

But not at the same time! (At least not individually.)  For now, you can find Catherine at MVC on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and in Foggy Bottom on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Liz will be at MVC on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and in Foggy Bottom on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (Don’t worry, it’s easily navigable when making an appointment.)

Dr. Lizhuttan

It turned out that photoshopping them blue didn’t actually give them the power to be in two places at once. So, not just like Dr. Manhattan afterall.

Honors faculty live with us now!  Well, they still have homes that they go to (we’re pretty sure), but their offices are now in the same place as staff.  We know, we know: we’re already working on getting a reality-style sitcom deal with pretty much every major network so people can enjoy our dynamic.  We’ll let you know about that too.

We’re hoping for some excellent guest stars.