RealClimateGW [SURE Stories]

7 May

–This post is written by UHP students and SURE Award winners Alec Nadeau, Emilia Totzeva,Colleen Tan, and Sameer Aggarwal.

Emilia Totzeva, Alec Nadeau, Sameer Agarwal, and Colleen Tan

The team members of RealClimateGW that have been focused on creating a kiosk have progressed a long way since we received the SURE Award in February of this year.

The kiosk itself, intended to create greater awareness of our efforts to build a more climate conscious community, consists of a programmed IPad mounted in a form of kiosk. At the time of our grant application we had already built a functional and appealing website, but we felt like we needed a way to get our message to the GW student body more effectively. We therefore have already refined an IPad program that will allow us to display an adapted version of our website, with some bonus features, in a way that can catch the attention of the casual passerby and keep that person informed on the local status of Climate Change.

Specifically our IPad will be displaying the real time data, which we are constantly collecting from our own carbon dioxide sensor on campus, which will keep the community informed on current ambient concentrations of carbon dioxide. While the kiosk’s permanent location is still being determined, it is functional and will be ready for public use extremely soon.

To better understand the people behind this effort, here are some self-narrated backgrounds of the four members of RealClimateGW behind this specific effort.

My name is Alec Nadeau, from Cranston Rhode Island, double-majoring in Political Science and Middle East Studies. While my interests don’t necessarily revolve around science, Climate Change is an issue for which I passionately desire to raise awareness. Through RealClimateGW I am happily working towards this end.

My name is Emilia Totzeva and I’m a freshman studying marketing. Making Climate Change Real has been one of my favorite classes as we not only built a carbon dioxide sensor, but also set up a webpage and are currently working on a kiosk that will display our data. I hope that our work will continue to be displayed in the future so that we can continue to raise awareness about climate change at GW and the DC community at large.

My name is Colleen Tan and I am a freshman in the Honors Program studying International Business. RealClimateGW publicizes a great cause and working with the team has been a great experience. The project really reaches out to educate DC and raise awareness towards carbon dioxide levels.

My name is Sameer Aggarwal and I’m a freshman from Princeton, New Jersey majoring in Political Science and Economics. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a member of the RealClimateGW team to try and make a difference and be a part of the solution to the climate change problem that affects us all. A real effort to stop climate change requires coordinated action from a group of people and RealClimateGW hopes to help that process become a reality.

Remember, if you want to learn more about RealClimateGW, to discover how to use us a conduit for action, and to see our new kiosk in action, come to our Open House on Friday, April 20th in the Honors Program Townhouse from 3-5pm.


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