Honors Students, Honoring a Hero [Good Article!]

30 Apr

There are two great articles today that prominently feature Honors students and an organization called Babies Behind Bars. The title of their organization isn’t just a clever play on words — they’re actually working to keep innocent children out of prison. 

From the GW Hatchet:

“Our first goal and purpose is of course, helping better the lives of children in Nepal by supporting the Early Childhood Center of Kathmandu,” Michael [Farzi], chairman of the event planning committee said. “Not only does BBB (Babies Behind Bars) help a great cause on the international level, making the world a smaller place, it also has given a group of mostly freshman college students the experience of working in a quasi-nonprofit organization, a status which we plan to file for this summer.”

From GWToday:

Ms. Freeman-Woolpert said she has been able to achieve things at GW that she never could have accomplished elsewhere.

“At GW, the resources, networks, and channels you need are right at your doorstep,” she said. “There are doors opened to me here that would never have been opened to me elsewhere simply because of the university’s location and its reputation.”

Not only was Babies Behind Bars started at GW by UHPer Sarah-Freeman Woolpert, many of its members are also UHPers. Great students doing great things!


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