Online Course Evaluation Time! [Do This]

24 Apr

Because you guys are great and always complete your online course evaluations, we save a huge amount of time and trees by not having to do those old fashioned paper ones.  Thank you!  This semester, keep up the good work and complete your online course evaluations.  We know, it’s the end of the semester, you’re scrambling to get your work done, and totally ready to scoot.  But, the evaluation only takes a few minutes, and your feed back is highly valued.

Course evaluations are extremely important to us! Faculty do read the responses (after grades are posted, though your identity always remains anonymous) and they use that information to make their classes better. 

Even if you didn’t have particularly strong feelings about the course, if you don’t register your middle-of-the-road-nothing-crazy sentiments, the online evaluations will end up skewed toward the extremes of “OMG HORRIBLE CLASS I CAN’T BELIEVE WE HAD TO READ” and “I WISH I COULD TAKE THIS CLASS 5 TIMES A SEMESTER!  WE DISCOVERED 3 NEW PLANETS AND SOLVED ALL QUESTIONS OF EPISTEMOLOGY.”  All responses are important!  Don’t let yours get missed.

By going online and completing the evaluation for your courses, you’ll be helping in another way too. We really don’t want to go back to the paper and pencil method — but if response rates are really low for online evaluations, we’ll have to.  If you won’t do it for us, and you won’t do it for your professors, and you won’t do it for your classmates and the students who come after you, then please, at least do it for the trees.

Evaluation form trees take a long time to replenish — do you know how long it takes to grow a tree that produces little lettered circles in its wood? A long time.

So when you get that email from the robot system that registers your opinions, and your professor sends you that nagging email, please click the link and fill out the evaluation.

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