A Letter to the Editor on Honors Applicant Pool Surge

23 Apr

The Hatchet reported on April 12th, 2012, that the applicant pool to the UHP has surged over the past three years.  In the story was a brief comment from Executive Director Maria Frawley that, without context, seemed a bit confusing.  Maria wrote to the Hatchet to provide the context to the comment in a letter to the editor, but the letter could not be printed.  Her letter is reproduced in full below. 

Dear Hatchet editors,

I am writing to correct the impression made in “Applicant Pool Surges for University Honors Program” in the April 12, 2012, issue of The Hatchet and to make clear the critical context of my remark about the dual campus model.

I doubt the recent adoption of the dual campus model can serve as a primary explanation for a several year trend of increasing applications to the University Honors Program.  Prospective students and their parents take many factors under consideration in choosing a college, as they should.

The Honors Program has always offered the best of both worlds to our high achieving students: the excitement of an urban research university and the intellectual rigor of a traditional liberal arts education.  The dual campus model reflects this and highlights the multitude of opportunities available to Honors students: a housing option in the highly desirable West Hall, an Honors faculty member in residence, innovative courses offered through the new Faculty Fellows program, easy access to many of the required Honors freshmen courses taught by dedicated faculty, and a home base in Ames Hall that we hope will be as vibrant and vital to our community as is our townhouse on 21st Street.

Students apply to the Honors Program for the challenges and opportunities of our engaging four-year program. As GW has consistently attracted an increasingly competitive pool of applicants, it’s no surprise that such high caliber students seek to embrace the comprehensive intellectual experience of the University Honors Program.


Maria Frawley

Executive Director, University Honors Program


2 Responses to “A Letter to the Editor on Honors Applicant Pool Surge”

  1. catherinechandler April 23, 2012 at 4:40 pm #

    it’s too bad the hatchet couldn’t publish this in a correct or timely fashion, it explains the situation very well.

  2. Anna April 23, 2012 at 6:17 pm #

    so you mean the hatchet published something that was misinformed and taken out of context? that never happens! #thingsiwishweretrue

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