The (lecture about the) Zombie Apocalypse is Here [Event]

5 Apr

The Zombie Apocalypse is the ultimate use-it-or-lose it scenario for your BRAAAAAAAAINS!! We recommend “use-it.”  So don’t miss TODAY’S event!

The University Honors Program is proud to host Prof. Jeff Mantz (George Mason University), anthropologist and renowned zombie expert for the free-and-open-to-the-public lecture

The Politics of Leftovers in the Time of the Zombie Apocalypse:
anxiety, abjection, and our (d)evolution into a posthuman technological singularity

Thursday, April 5th, 4pm-6pm
Funger Rm. 103 (2201 G Street, NW)

RSVP and more information on Facebook

Bring your friends and their delicious, delicious brains.  Prof. Mantz will draw from literary, cinematic, and historical coverage of zombies to prepare you for the coming zombie apocalypse … unless of course, it’s already here.

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