Pizza, Bagels, and Advising, Oh My!

27 Mar

That’s right, three of your favorite things, all in one week!

Not only are these coming two weeks walk-in advising hours at the UHP, but now you’re invited to these hold removal parties!

Drop by the UHP townhouse, get your hold removed if you’re CCAS (and general advising if you’re not), and eat some free food.

Along with Catherine and Liz, you can get some peer advising from SPA! Drink from the fountains of wisdom and experience we call SPA.

Hold removal parties will be held in the Club Room at the UHP on these dates:

  • Wednesday, April 4, 10am-12pm (bagels)
  • Wednesday, April 4, 2:30pm-4:30pm (pizza)
  • Thursday, April 5, 11:30am – 1:30pm (pizza)
  • Friday, April 6, 3pm-5pm (pizza)

And no, you can’t just show up to eat pizza or bagels.  You have to actually have some advising concerns.  So, get concerned.

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