Final Week to Win the Strasser!

28 Feb

Time to quit procrastinating, the deadline to enter the Strasser Writing competition is this week!  If you haven’t submitted your entry yet, do it now!  Keep reading for more info. 

Honors students can now apply to the UHP’s Strasser Writing competition!  The rules and process have changed for this year, so there are even more opportunities for you to show off your excellent work.

You’ve already done the work, now get the reward!  You can find the official rules with all the details and fine print at our website, but here’s the rundown of the big-ticket items:

  • There are four categories to enter: Origins and Evolution of Modern Thought, Scientific Reasoning and Discovery, Arts & Humanities, Self & Society.  You can enter all four categories, but only one paper per category.
  • Your entry must be a paper that you wrote and submitted for a grade in the class for which the category is named after (or designated alternative).
  • The winner in each category receives a prize of $100. The runner up receives a prize of $50.

Deadline to apply: Friday, March 2nd, 2012 at 5pm (EST)

Submit your entry online now!


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