Exclusive Lunch with Prof. Kung and Prof. Trevor Pinch

14 Feb

Act fast! There are just a handful of seats available for UHPers!  Full details are below, but here’s the twitter-fied rundown: RSVP fast, read a Scientific American article, have lunch and interesting convo w/ Profs Pinch and Kung!

Lunch with Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Trevor Pinch
Date: Thursday, February 23rd
Time: noon – 1pm
Location: TBD

To Attend: Send an email to Prof. Kung at bcobb(at)gwu.edu

Deadline to RSVP – Tuesday, February 21st at 5pm

As you may be aware, the UHP is hosting a 3-day visit by Dr. Trevor Pinch, a sociologist from Cornell who specializes in issues of science and technology.  At lunch, we will have an informal discussion with Dr. Pinch about the social nature of science and technology.  Dr. Pinch wrote a text called “Confronting nature: the sociology of solar-neutrino detection” about the solar neutrino problem, an issue that plagued physics and astronomy for many years and we will use this example as a springboard for our discussion.  To that end, students attending the lunch will be asked to read a Scientific American article about the history of the solar neutrino problem.

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