Turning Rocks and Sludge into a Toaster [Good Video]

10 Feb

Do you think one person could make a toaster completely on their own?  You might be surprised at how complicated it is. If you’ve never heard of the toaster project before, that’s the idea that sent Thomas Thwaites on his journey to build a toaster from scratch.  See his TED Talk explanation below.

Mr. Thwaites is completely honest that he had to “cheat” quite a number of times (using Wikipedia, not inventing electricity, etc.)  At the heart of this project is that technology, and all of its artifacts –including toasters! — are really social constructions.

If you’re interested in this concept, then you’ll want to join the UHP and PBK in meeting Trevor Pinch on February 23rd.  You can find out more info about Trevor Pinch’s public reception and discussion here.


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