Last Chance Research Assistantship [Sociology]

7 Feb

If you’re still hoping to snag a Research Assistantship for this semester, there’s still one available with Prof. Chambliss and Prof. Eglitis working on a sociology textbook.  Time is of the essence here, so read the full description and get in touch with Catherine Chandler as soon as possible within the next few days if you’re interested.

Full description below. 

Discovering Sociology

 Introduction to Sociology textbook to be published in 2013 by Sage/Pine Forge


Faculty: William J. Chambliss, Professor of Sociology, and Daina S. Eglitis, Associate Professor of Sociology


The Project: Professors Chambliss and Eglitis are seeking a research assistant (or two) to participate in the completion of an on-going textbook project. They are completing the last five chapters of an eighteen-chapter book. The book, Discovering Sociology, highlights empirical research in sociology and theoretical perspectives on contemporary issues. The chapters remaining to be completed are as follows: education; sex and gender; socialization and media; groups and organizations; social change, globalization, and technology; family and aging. The RA may also be asked to help with updating data in completed chapters.


Research Assistant Tasks: Student tasks fall into several broad categories.

  • First, the RA will be asked to do some data searching. This will generally involve searching databases like those of the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Centers for Disease Control, and the like. The purpose of this is to gather contemporary social indicators on topics like poverty, fertility behavior, college attendance and graduation, income and wealth, and the like, for the book.
  • Second, the RA will have the opportunity to contribute creatively to the book with suggestions for sections and box essays and with research into topics that are relevant for the chapters and interesting for the student. As the audience for the book is undergraduates, the creative and intellectual suggestions and contributions of students are highly valued.
  • Third, the RA may be asked to work on some tasks related to the preparation of the final manuscript, including checking and updating sources, looking up missing sources, and checking the chapters’ tables of contents to ensure that they match with the chapters’ materials.


Time Commitment: The number of hours for this position is flexible and student hours may vary by week. Ideally, the RA should be willing to commit 5-8 hours per week to the project.


Contact: Professor Daina Eglitis, Department of Sociology,


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