Graduates Falling Behind on Desired Skills [Good Article]

3 Feb

The UHP does cultivate skills slightly more advanced than what's on display here.

What skills are you cultivating?  A recent study found that business employers are having a hard time finding qualified recent grads with useful skills.

The results show that graduates are falling short of expectations, especially on highly valued attributes like problem solving, collaboration, written communications and critical-thinking skills, while they are exceeding expectations on little-valued social media and technology skills.

The authors suggest that new learning approaches should be utilized to help bridge the skill gap and “catch up” to the business world, but the funny thing is that these are historic liberal arts skills.  Nothing new or fancy here!  Liberal arts educations have emphasized these skills for centuries, and the UHP continues in the tradition of helping students attain these general but vital skills.

Read the full abstract and complete report here.

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