Take a Class with a Nobel Laureate! [Now more available!]

2 Dec

Did you want to take Science and Medicine: A Priceless Journey” with University Professor and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine Prof. Ferid Murad, but couldn’t?  Then here’s some good news!  The prereqs have been relaxed to include sophomore, junior, and senior students with one year of Biological Science or AP Biology!  The prereqs were reduced to provide greater access to the course, so we hope you take advantage of it! This is an extremely rare opportunity, so don’t miss out.

Here’s a tip: while the course counts as a Self and Society (HONR 2048) for students in the Honors Program, it’s also crosslisted as BIOC: 5701:80.  So while there are some reserved seats exclusively for UHPers, even non-Honors students can take this amazing class if they register for it under its BIOC designation — so tell your friends.

Here’s another tip: Because it’s a 5700, if you’re interested in the course, you should definitely contact your home department and ask if the course satisfies any of your curricular requirements there as well.  If you think it’s a good fit for a particular requirement, offer a helpful and polite suggestion to your home department.

“Science and Medicine: A Priceless Journey” will give a broad overview of numerous key biomedical discoveries made in the 20th century, examining the oftentimes profound influence such discoveries have on medical technology, new directions in science and medicine, science administration, politics, ethics, and philosophy. The course will be conducted in seminar/lecture style and students will have the opportunity to engage in active dialogue with their peers, with Dr. Murad, and with a range of distinguished speakers.

It meets M, 11:10am – 1:00 pm; and M, 6:10pm – 8:00 pm.

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