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21 Dec

Just to be clear, he's sitting on a park bench reading the UHP blog. Park Bench. UHP Blog.

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Othello w/ Prof. Vann [Profs on the Town]

20 Dec

The following post is written by UHPer Elyssa Kaplan.

One of every Honors class’s favorite things of the semester is that one-day when the whole class meets up to attend an event and then eat food. “Professors on the Town,” as this field- trip is called allows for a class to experience some aspect of DC life that applies to the subject matter of the class, bridging “real life” with classical texts. This semester, Professor Vann’s Art and World Cultures’ class, studying the political power of art and architecture in the three major Abrahamic religions, metro-ed over to Capitol South to enjoy the Folger Theater’s production of Othello. For some, it was their first experience viewing professional theater, for others it was not even their first time at the Folger, but everyone left incredibly impressed with the production.

One of the best aspects of Professors on the Town is the class discussion of the event. How did each student interpret what he/she experienced or saw? How does the subject matter of the event relate to the subject matter of the class? Othello left our class with much to discuss. However, it was the acting of Ian Merrill Peakes as Iago, the modern comparison with the crusades, and the use of Islamic imagery that commanded our discussion. Continue reading

Season’s Greetings from the UHP Staff!

16 Dec

The season of course, is “finals season.”  For those of you who still have finals left: good luck!  For those of you already finished: congrats!  To everyone: enjoy winter break!

See or Do Something over Break? Tell us on Twitter!

14 Dec

Every snowflake as unique as a UHP student

For all of you with Twitter accounts, keep us informed with what you’re doing over winter break. The UHP has our own Twitter account, so you can include us on any relevant Tweets, uploads, or links you share between now and the upcoming semester. Make sure to also follow us on Twitterso you can get our Honors Program updates as well! Let’s make every UHP tweet like a single Christmas light on a giant, glowing tree of sharing and caring.

Study Hours at the UHP Townhouse

9 Dec

It’s that time of year! Finals season will soon be in full swing, and that means the UHP townhouse will be open with extended hours to students for studying. That’s right, you don’t have to battle for space in Gelman.

We’ll have snacks, coffee, and hot chocolate. Make sure to bring your own mug!

The basement is generally reserved for silent study, while the Club Room can be used for group study.

Here are the times when we’ll be open:

Date Club Room Basement
Saturday, 12/10 12pm-10pm 12pm-10pm
Sunday, 12/11 12pm-10pm 12pm-10pm
Monday, 12/12 11am-10pm 9am-10pm
Tuesday, 12/13 9am-3pm, 5pm-10pm 9am-10pm
Wednesday, 12/14 9am-10pm 9am-10pm
Thursday, 12/15 9am-11am, 12pm-10pm 9am-10pm
Friday, 12/16 9am-10pm 9am-10pm

Table format not doing it for you? Check out our events calendar for a visual layout.