UHP SURE Winners Announced

22 Nov

Congratulations to winners of the UHP SURE Award for this semester!  Students who win the Sigelman Undergraduate Research Enhancement Award use the funds to further their own research.

Sarah Freeman-Woolpert will travel to Kathmandu, Nepal with help from the UHP/SURE Award for six weeks to research the approaches of NGOs who work on this issue of prison children as well as the collaboration or lack thereof between these groups. Her research will be conducted by visiting these organizations on a weekly basis and keeping detailed records of provisions for housing, nutrition, medical attention and educational programs. By interviewing the administrators and staff members, she will gain a broader understanding of how these organizations pool resources and collaborate their efforts, or what hindrances prevent them from working together.  Not only will this research provide an opportunity to gather information on approaches in Kathmandu to address incarceration of children, it will also explore the question of how non-governmental organizations utilize or avoid collaboration to further their impact and unite their approaches.

Sushmitha Rajeevan will use the UHP/SURE Award to purchase a CC2530 Development Kit from Texas Instruments, vital in implementing her planned wireless network to support a wireless health monitoring system.  This device will remotely measure, record and display the vital signs of an individual including: heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, blood-oxygen level, respiratory rate and orientation.  It will also emit a sound alarm and turn on an LED indicator when vital signs rise or fall to dangerous levels.  No device like it is available today, it will be the first of its kind.

Congratulations to the winners, and we hope you’ll all apply again in the spring semester!


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