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After Graduation: Want to be a Teacher?

29 Nov

Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher?

Capital Teaching Residency is a teacher training program located in Washington DC that seeks college graduates who are interested in long-term careers in teaching and education and have a passion for working with underserved populations.  The program was created through a partnership between KIPP DC and another high-performing DC charter school, E.L. Haynes.

Knowing how critical teachers are when it comes to student success, the program trains outstanding individuals to become skilled educators through a year of residency in which they experience intensive professional development, consistent work with an excellent mentor teacher, and daily practice perfecting their skills in a real classroom. After completing their residency, CTR graduates serve as lead teachers in their own classrooms the following two years.

Find information about the CTR program online:

The second deadline to apply is January 20, 2011. Capital Teaching Residency looks forward to receiving your application!

Get up to $500 to studywhat you’d like [SURE Award]

29 Nov

Did you know that Honors students have the exclusive opportunity to win up to $500 for their research? It’s true!  Apply to the UHP/Sigelman Undergraduate Research Enhancement Award (SURE) and we might just cut you a check.

We know “Undergraduate Research Enhancement” doesn’t sound that exciting (well, to most people at least, but you are UHPers), but what you can actually do with that money is pretty sweet. Some of  last year’s winners used it to buy high tech equipment to turn algae into biofuel for their class project.  Others — like Chelsey Faloona – used the money to travel for her research.  The possibilities are endless, but the deadline to apply this year is January 17, 2012.

Keep reading for more info, or read about the award here.

Get your Ticket for the Student-Faculty Dinner!

29 Nov

There’s still time to get your ticket!

Friday, December 9th from 5-7pm

Chalin’s Restaraunt

(Formerly Charlie Chiang’s)

1912 Eye Street NW

Remember, you can show up anytime between 5 and 7, and leave anytime between 5-7.

Students MUST purchase a $5 ticket at the UHP office to attend (cash only.)

While you’re here, grab Faculty Invite to give to your favorite non-UHP professor! (All UHP Profs are already invited.)

$5 cash for students, Faculty free!

You can RSVP here on Facebook. Don’t forget to buy your ticket!

Online Evaluations: Good For Doing!

28 Nov

Last year we piloted online course evaluations with a few HONR sections.  You guys were great!  A really high response rate gave us hope that we can finally abandon the paper, pencils, and endless little bubbles.

This year, all Honors classes have their course evaluations online. That means that instead of having your class time interrupted, you’ll be able to fill out your evaluation whenever it’s convenient for you.

Course evaluations are extremely important to us! Faculty do read the responses (after grades are posted, though your identity always remains anonymous) and they use that information to make their classes better.

Even if you didn’t have particularly strong feelings about the course, if you don’t register your middle-of-the-road-nothing-crazy sentiments, the online evaluations will end up skewed toward the extremes of “OMG HORRIBLE CLASS I CAN’T BELIEVE WE HAD TO READ” and “I WISH I COULD TAKE THIS CLASS 5 TIMES A SEMESTER!  WE DISCOVERED 3 NEW PLANETS AND SOLVED ALL QUESTIONS OF EPISTEMOLOGY.”  All responses are important!  Don’t let yours get missed.

By going online and completing the evaluation for your courses, you’ll be helping in another way too. We really don’t want to go back to the paper and pencil method — but if response rates are really low for online evaluations, we’ll have to.  If you won’t do it for us, and you won’t do it for your professors, and you won’t do it for your classmates and the students who come after you, then please, at least do it for the trees. Evaluation form trees take a long time to replenish — do you know how long it takes to grow a tree that produces little lettered circles in its wood? A long time.

So when you get that email from the robot system that registers your opinions, and your professor sends you that nagging email, please click the link and fill out the evaluation.

Check out Jupiter w/ Prof. Kung

28 Nov

Look at Jupiter before it looks at you!

Professor Kung will be testing out her new telescope by observing Jupiter on Tuesday, Nov 29th (6:45-7:30pm) [cloud/rain date: Thursday, Dec 1st (6:45-7:30pm)].

She’ll  sett up the telescope in the middle of University Yard and show off Jupiter to anyone in her astronomy class who wants to see the planet – or anyone who walks by!

Stop by University Yard for 10 minutes to see the big Never-Ending Gobstopper in the sky on Tuesday (or Thursday, if rainy) this week!