How to Handle the Declaration of Major Hold

26 Oct

Are you a CCAS sophomore with a “Declaration of Major” hold on your account?  You need to get it removed before you can register.

If you’ve got the hold, it’s probably because you’ve got enough credits transferred in to qualify you for this requirement.  From the GW Bulletin:

The Declaration of Major form must be submitted no later than the registration period during the student’s fourth full-time semester or the semester following the completion of 45 credit hours (whichever comes first).

If this is you, you should see a CCAS advisor or visit the CCAS office in Phillips 107.  Catherine and Liz are unable to lift a Declaration of Major Hold.

You can find a CCAS Declaration of Major form here.

Here’s a tip: it’s possible (and not too hard) to change your major later.  Walk-in advising at the UHP starts on Monday, Oct 31 if you need help.

If you’re a freshmen and have a declaration of major hold (wow you have a lot of credits), you’ll need to head over to CCAS office in Phillips 107 as well to get things ironed out too.


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