Registration Hold Removal Parties [That Means Food]

24 Oct

It’s time to eat and get your advising holds removed.  Catherine and Liz have the power to remove advising holds for CCAS students, and are also available

to give anyone advice and scheduling help.  If you’re planning on getting your advising hold removed by Catherine or Liz, you’ll need to fill out an Advisor Approval Form.

Liz and Catherine have the power to remove your CCAS advising holds. Their power is OVER 5000!!!

Just show up at one of these three times:

  • Friday, 10/28 @ 3pm in the Club Room (Pizza)
  • Tuesday, 11/1 @ 10am in the Club Room (Bagels)
  • Thursday, 11/3 @ 12pm in the Club Room (Pizza)

And of course, if you can’t make it during these times, we have walk-in hours going on in the UHP from 10/31-11/11.


One Response to “Registration Hold Removal Parties [That Means Food]”

  1. Daniel Reinemann October 24, 2011 at 11:10 am #

    “If they can take spaghtii from the greatest civilization, the great chinese people, then, they could have easily taken pizza from those ‘other people’.”

    I ❤ Honors

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