UHP Student Peer Advisors Part 4

20 Oct

Welcome to Part 4 of the meet the SPA blog series in which each individual Student Peer Advisor is introduced with a picture and short bio.

Mitch Langley

Mitch Langley


ESIA ’14 – Latin American & Hemispheric Studies

Doylestown, PA

Hola – my name is Mitch Langley and I’m a sophomore majoring in Latin American & Hemispheric Studies in the Elliott School. Originally from Charlottesville, Virginia, I was raised in Doylestown, Pennsylvania – in between Philadelphia and New York City – but am happy to be back in the DMV. My academic interests are Spanish dialectal variations, música protesta, Latin American political systems, and rural community development and empowerment. When not wishing I were Latin American, you can find me exploring DC and Virginia by Metro and my (off campus) car, listening to country music, and trying to look like I’m not 15. My favorite thing about Honors is the community, not just with other students but with professors and advisors as well – it takes the rigid formality out of academia and makes learning fun and personable. If you see me feel free to come up and say hi – since all my classes are at night, I always have time to chat!

Laurel Poolman

Laurel Poolman


CCAS ’14 – Archaeology and Anthropology


Hello! My name is Laurel and I am currently a sophomore in the Columbian College studying Archaeology and Anthropology. I’m originally from a small-town in Hawaii but I spent my high school years away at a boarding school in California. Academically, I have a passion for all subjects human including (but not limited to): biological anthropology, philosophy, religion, literature, archaeology, psychology, myth, music, and poetry. I’m currently working as a FWS-student writer in the Business School while I maintain a handful of other career-oriented projects on the side. When I’m not working or studying, I can usually be found pretending to be healthy at HellWell, browsing the fourth floor of Gelman, walking around the city planning my ideal future garden (which will have to be the size of Rhode Island at this rate) or snagging a bench in Kogan to read and write for a few hours. When I’m off of school with some degree of free time, I love to travel, cook, and I can almost always be found with a cup of tea in hand. I love the Honors Program for a few reasons: 1) The free coffee and tea. 2) The teaching and advising is just outstanding. Get to know the faculty; they’re absolutely invaluable resources for connections as well as company.

Paul Seltzer

Paul Seltzer


CCAS ’13 – Women’s Studies

Wayne, New Jersey

Hey everyone, my name is Paul Seltzer and I’m a junior majoring in Women’s Studies in CCAS!  I’m originally from Wayne, New Jersey, which is about a half hour away from NYC, so that puts me in the plurality here at GW.  Besides studying feminist theory for class (and for fun!), you might see me putting together Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance meetings, taking part in Progressive Student Union activities, or hearing radical speakers at local DC venues.  Recently, a few other Women’s Studies majors and I have been putting together a feminist-friendly blog for the GW campus (thesecondsexcolumn.wordpress.com), and we’re currently planning more social justice-themed events on campus.  In my free time I enjoy catching up on the latest Community episodes, going to viewings of The Room, and eating (especially free food from the UHP).  Besides the free food, I love that the UHP offers one-on-one advising and a supportive academic community whenever I need them!


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