UHP Student Peer Advisors Indroduction Part 2

13 Oct

Welcome to Part 2 of the meet the SPA blog series in which each individual Student Peer Advisor is introduced with a picture and short bio. This series will come each Tuesday and Thursday of the week. Without further ado, here are three of your SPA members:

Emily Baylor


CCAS – History


Hey! My name is Emily Baylor and I am a sophomore from California.  I am a history major in the Columbian college.  At school I am a brother in Alpha Phi Omega, a community service fraternity, the event coordinator for Students Against the Global Spread of HIV and I work for the education team at the National Archives.  My favorite places in D.C. are the National Gallery, Good Stuff Eatery and the Folger Shakespeare Library.  In my free time I love to play bananagrams, eat bacon cheeseburgers and watch jeopardy.  A random fact about me is that I am completely tone deaf; apparently when I hum it is all one note

Jessica Burnell


CCAS – History and Economics

Cleveland, Ohio

Hello all! My name is Jessica Burnell and I’m a sophomore in the Columbian College double majoring in History and Economics. You’ll find me spending a lot of what time I have outside of class taking advantage of all the museums, monuments, and institutions DC has to offer for a history nerd like me. In addition I’m also on the Mock Trial team here at GW and this year am very excited to be working for the National Archives! I love being a part of the Honors Program and the smaller, close-knit community it creates within the larger confines of G-dub. I hail from a very small Ohio town that you’ve never heard of, but I was once told that I have a “lovely Midwestern accent,” which basically means that I pronounce “milk” like “melk” and call it “pop,” not “soda.” I like to spend what little spare time I have being a devoted Chicago Bears fan, reciting entire Disney movies from memory, and trying to convince people that the series finale of Lost was indeed the most beautiful, brillant ending television has yet to produce. Animal rescue is my passion; one day you should ask me how many cats I have.

Kayleigh Ryherd


CCAS ’14 – Psychology

Brookline, NH

Hey! I’m Kayleigh Ryherd, a sophomore majoring in Psychology in the ever-wonderful Columbian College. I’m from the metropolis that is Brookline, New Hampshire –we have a whopping population of 4,000 people. Outside of class, I am a member of Insert Here, a wicked cool improv troupe and volunteer at For Love of Children. I also spent last year on the crew team and am looking for new activities so if you’re trying to start a club, give me a shout! (Especially if it involves longboarding. I want to learn very badly.) I try to go to the Mall and seeing the ducks and the sunset on nice warm days whenever I can, but when it’s just too cold I sometimes can be found in a warm blanket playing a little bit of Pokémon or watching That 70’s Show. I love the sense of community that Honors brings to the GW experience (especially during finals!)


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