The SPA: A New Resource for UHP Students!

10 Oct

The UHP SPA Leadership Team

Got #honorsproblems or #nerdproblems?

Do you ever wonder how you’re supposed to get through 200 pages of reading every other night? Struggle with how to handle 12 extracurriculars and 18 credits? Maybe you wanted to get the dirt on a particular professor but didn’t know how. So did we.  Luckily, experience is a good teacher—which is why we want to share ours with you.  The UHP is proud to introduce the SPA: Student Peer Advisors.

As Student Peer Advisors, we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive support from students with real experience, ranging from balancing honors with your school’s requirements to where to find the best late night snack.  The SPA serves as an additional resource for UHP students with student advisors able to draw on their unique experiences in order to make your life easier.  With areas of expertise including time management skills, living abroad, transitioning to a big city, specific majors, holding part time jobs, athletics, getting enough sleep, balancing extracurricular activities, dorm life, and how to explain your crazy major to your parents— we want to help connect you to someone who’s been there. We firmly believe that providing this service to UHP students is not only beneficial to you as students, but serves to strengthen the UHP Community by increasing interclass interactions.

We are excited to announce our first event, “Welcome to the SPA,” on Tuesday, November 1, from 6-9 PM.  Come meet your Student Peer Advisors while enjoying free massages by professional masseuses, games, and of course, free food!

Have questions for a UHP SPA member?  Our email address is, or you can contact your leadership team via email at, or contact your Freshman Liaison, Jason Olin, at

We look forward to meeting you at our first event in November, at Honors events throughout the semester, and in the Townhouse grabbing coffee!

Stay tuned for future blog posts introducing the SPA team.

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