DC Metro Area GLBT Studies Symposium

6 Oct

GLBT Studies Symposium

American University is hosting the 6th Annual DC Metro Area GLBT Studies Symposium this year. Read on for more:

6th Annual DC Metro Area GLBT Studies Symposium

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The 6th Annual DC Metro Area GLBT Studies Symposium: Scholarship to Activism, a collaborative effort among George Mason University, Howard University, American University, and The George Washington University, aims to create a space for students, staff and faculty to present, reflect and learn about GLBT topics and issues.

Workshops and presentations in the past have included discussions about national, local and campus activism and identity issues as well as research (a paper someone has written or project someone has completed for class) on laws and sub-cultures in the GLBT community. The symposium offers a unique opportunity to both present on and explore a range of issues affecting the GLBT community. Presentations will be 50 minutes each and can take a variety of formats.

We encourage undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, and faculty to submit proposals and attend the Symposium.

For your convenience and our commitment to the environment, program submissions may be submitted electronically. Please fill out our online program submission form. If you require additional submission methods, please email Jacob Wilson at wilson@american.edu.

Deadline to submit your program proposal is October 23rd, 2011. Selected presenters will be contacted during the first week of November.


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