Honors STEM “Support Group”

15 Sep

The following post was written by Professor Bethany Cobb Kung, Assistant Professor of Honors and Physics – and all-around awesome human being!

So you’re an Honors student that is majoring, planning on majoring, or thinking about majoring in a STEM field (science, technology, engineering and math)?  Maybe you are considering attending graduate school in a STEM field?  Your education and career paths are going to be significantly different than your peers in international relations and the humanities.  Therefore, the issues, problems, concerns, uncertainties and challenges you are facing are also unique.  To that end, the Honors program would like to empower our STEM majors by the introduction of an “Honors STEM Support Group” (we’ll need to work on a jazzier name…).

The basic idea of the group would be to gather interested Honors STEM majors a few times a semester over lunch to discuss a wide range of topics such as the special challenges faced by Honors STEM majors, what steps you need to be taking as an undergraduate to prepare for graduate school applications, and the pros and cons of graduate school vs. “a real job” after GW.  If there was enough interest, we might invite guests at multiple career levels to discuss their career pathways and provide advice from different viewpoints.

In general, the main goals of this group would be to 1) provide a special community-within-a community of Honors students in the STEM fields, 2) help STEM Honors students plan for the future and 3) provide STEM Honors students with contacts/mentors outside the specific departments/fields in which they are majoring.

Hopefully this group will develop an active base that can help lead the discussion toward what would be most helpful/interesting to Honors STEM majors now and in the future.

Please fill out this online form if you are interested in joining the group. Our introductory meeting will be Thursday, September 22 from noon to 1:00 pm in the UHP Club Room – you may RSVP via the online form as well.

~ Professor Cobb Kung


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