UHPers in the HOUSE (Because they’re House Staff, you know)

24 Aug

If you’re a freshman in the UHP, there’s a good chance that you’ll be seeing a lot of Adam Bethke and Kelly Bartz.  They’re the House Proctors for the 8th floor of Thurston, which is where a lot of freshmen UHPers will be living this year.  Here’s your chance to get to know them now!

Adam Bethke

Adam is a junior double majoring in Political Science and Criminal Justice.  Adam’s hobbies include readings, running and athletics in general.  Adam’s activities on campus include College Democrats and GW Aikido.  In addition, he spent the last two years interning at the Washington Legal Foundation, and has previously played a role in campus life through positions as a Living and Learning Cohort (LLC) Coordinator and member of Residential Advisory Council.  This past summer Adam had the privilege of being part of the Fulbright Summer Program hosted at Roehampton University in Southwest London, where he studied citizenship.  In the coming year, Adam’s academic interests will lead him to study conservative positions on criminal justice and sentencing policies as a Luther Rice Fellow.

Favorite movie: The American President

DC’s best kept secret(favorite spot in DC): Dumbarton Oaks in West Georgetown.  It’s a great place to run/walk/get outside.  Also Capitol Street in South D.C. (just South of the Capitol building).  The street runs up through some really cool neighborhoods and ends at Nationals Stadium.

Must do BEFORE you arrive in Thurston: Pack everything! In boxes!  It really helps to have things well organized before you get to school.  The people who have things in boxes/tubs/totes/bags/etc. (and not randomly thrown in the car) have a way easier time moving in.

Key to a good roommate relationship: Be open, be honest.  More than likely, your roommate(s) probably won’t be your best friend.  They definitely can be good friends, but don’t necessarily hold out for it.  Establish your roommate agreements!  It’ll make my job easier, and it’ll make your year a lot more enjoyable!  (More to come on those at a later date).  Make sure you understand what you want from your room and your roommates, it’ll make things a lot easier.  Don’t be afraid to express those expectations.

Favorite thing to cook: Pulled chicken with noodles and tomato sauce.

Best sport to watch? To play? Football/Soccer, Cross Country

If you were a tattoo artist and President Knapp asked you to design him a tattoo, what would you give him? A hippo.  Oh, hippo.  Or maybe George Washington.

Favorite car to drive: No significant preference, of the cars I regularly drive, Dodge Caliber.  I’m personally a fan of biking and public transit!  In D.C. public transit and walking will get you most anywhere, and for a lot less than a cab or car.

Most important thing no one told you: College is really about what you make out of it!  Have fun, be safe, be smart.  (Yes, people told me this, but it’s true, and another iteration never hurts!)


Kelly Bartz

Kelly Bartz

Kelly is a sophomore on the cross country team from Portland, Oregon. She is majoring in international affairs and double minoring in journalism and history. Hobbies include photography, white water rafting, shopping, playing lax, writing, cooking, and just about anything where she has the opportunity to enjoy the company of her friends. While her formal name is Kaitlynn, she is best known by Kelly. She is involved on campus with everything from the Student Athlete Advisory Council to Class Council to Grassroot Colonials where she teaches underprivileged kids in DC about HIV/AIDS prevention. Random fact: her favorite dessert is fresh Oregon strawberries over cheesecake! In all likelihood as you are reading this she is returning from being a camp assistant at a high altitude running camp in the Steens Mountains.

Favorite movie: Remember the Titans

Most stylish pair of shoes: Neon Nike Free Runs and Silver, Sparkle TOMS

DC’s best kept secret (favorite spot in DC): Close tie between Washington monument at night and Baked and Wired Café

Must do BEFORE you arrive in Thurston: Memorize your GWID!

Key to a good roommate relationship: Compromise! And be upfront about your pet peeves from the BEGINNING!

Favorite thing to cook: I love to cook (and eat) tacos/bake triple chocolate brownies

Best sport to watch? To play? It’s tough to beat watching college football on the weekends with my friends! At halftime, you’ll probably find me playing lacrosse or trail running.

If you were a tattoo artist and President Knapp asked you to design him a tattoo, what would you give him? Hmmm…a GW athletic logo with a gold and blue firework directly behind it

Favorite car to drive: Jeep Wrangler

What to bring your RA on his/her birthday: Chocolate chip cookies or a card J

Most important thing no one told you: The first month of school is tough and finding good friends instantly is virtually impossible, but remember, everyone is in the same boat as you


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