New Media Internship for the FCC [Intern!]

16 Aug

Check out this internship opportunity at the Federal Communications Commission, sent to us by UHPer Chris Sedor.

New Media Intern — Federal Communications Commission

The FCC New Media internship offers students a unique opportunity to work with the first-ever New Media Team established at the FCC, and to take part in the innovative experience of incorporating new technologies into government.

Since its inception in August of 2009, the FCC New Media team has established many innovative precedents in government: launched an ambitious effort in online public participation and e-rulemaking; oversaw an unprecedented redesign of the agency’s web presence from the ground-up; and developed the 3rd-largest Twitter following in government. The Washington Post even hailed, “Julius Genachowski’s FCC looks to be the most forward of the Obama Administration agencies to grasp Web 2.0.”

There is a wide range of work that our team is doing to help the agency integrate technology into its strategy and tactics, including writing for the web, promoting citizen access through new media, open government initiatives, increasing the use of multimedia in our web presence, using analytics to make every aspect of the site more efficient, and more.  Much of this will continue the progress of the completely reimagined

The FCC New Media Team spans multiple departments and has a wide range of responsibilities. Interns will be exposed to a breadth of issues and are encouraged to select an area of focus relevant to their work experience and career aspirations. We’re principally looking for sharp, hard-working, and good-spirited folks who care about doing good work and helping the team to make the FCC a model of success in government.  There’s an enormous amount of possibility here, we’re hard at work on it, and we’re very serious about doing justice by the opportunity.

After becoming familiar with the operation at the FCC, interns will be expected to create a project proposal in line with their interest and passion that they will complete during the course of their internship. The FCC New Media staff will help define and work with interns on the concept of their choice, and provide necessary support for execution of the project.

Depending on past experience, interns’ major responsibilities may include:

  • Facilitating meaningful dialog through use of interactive online tools with both the public and within the agency
  • Aiding in the planning, drafting, and promotion of messaging surrounding the agencies new media efforts, including outreach to the Gov 2.0, open-source, and open-government communities
  • Developing strategies to leverage various social media platform to better engage the agency’s 400,000+  Twitter followers and solicit citizen feedback on relevant policy issues.
  • Coordinating with stakeholders within the building to ensure that the agency’s new-media platforms are effectively utilized
  • Crafting and implementing agency-wide style and content norms that reflect today’s Internet best practices
  • Helping to tackle challenges to curating and publishing data on an enterprise scale
  • Working closely with the GIS team to help map the agency’s data collections and drive better policy decisions
  • Chronicling the agency’s public events and day-to-day business through both photo and video
  • Helping coordinate and manage online outreach operations
  • Shaping the agency’s digital look-and-feel by contributing to design and branding efforts
  • Researching and compiling analytical data for reports in support of major team decisions
  • Developing and executing a long-term project proposal of his or her choice with the oversight and guidance of the FCC New Media Team

Selection Criteria (Eligibility):

  • Skills in web development, administering content management systems, video editing and shooting, coding, graphic design, etc., or academic background in Communications Technology, Mass Communications & Journalism, or New Media not necessary but preferable
  • Full-time or part-time student in an accredited college/university
  • GPA 3.0 or above
  • Letter of recommendation

Internship Position:   New Media Intern
Internship Period(s):   Rolling basis
Send Application to:   Joshua Wingard

Application Information:

  • Resumé,
  • cover letter (including available start date, and available days and hours per week),
  • copy of transcript, and
  • letter of recommendation

Additional Information:   Openings are for unpaid internships.

Application Deadline(s):   Rolling basis

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