How to: Live with 6 people in Thurston

29 Jun

Penina and roomies

Penina and (most of) her roomies on move-out day

This post is written by sophomore UHPer Penina Smith.

I never thought I’d say this when I first learned that I would have FIVE(!) roommates, but living in a six in Thurston Hall is one of the best living situations available.

To begin with, the room is divided up into three separate rooms: one large main room that usually houses three or four students, a medium room that houses two, and a smaller room which has four closets and is either used as another bedroom or a study alcove.  All this space really allows students to have their own space without feeling cramped or living on top of each other, which tends to be the case in quads.  A quad in Thurston is actually about the same size, if not slightly smaller, as the largest room in a six.

A lot of people asked me how six girls could live in a dorm room together, but I think that because of how the room was divided up, we were able to get along better as there were more people to ease any tension that might develop.   My roommates and I decided to divide ourselves in a 3-2-1 setup.  I lived in the single/closet which was the ideal situation for me.  I had a door to close which allowed me to have roommates when I wanted and none when I didn’t.

The only real problem with the six is six people and one bathroom.  Our room handled that well as we all had classes at different times so we didn’t all need to use the bathroom at once.  Nighttime was a different story, though.  The key is being flexible and considerate. Don’t take a twenty-five minute shower when your roommate also needs to get ready for her 8am class.  At the end of the day, the six of us got along really well.  In fact, the other people who I knew who lived in sixes shared the same sentiment.  Plus, once you live with five other people, living in a double or a triple your sophomore year will feel luxurious. Embrace the six!

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