The Difference between Courses and Curriculum

27 Jun
Head Scratcher

It's easy! Don't be confused.

We know there’s a bit of confusion out there among incoming freshmen about what courses to schedule.  Here’s some help:

A curriculum explains generally the program of study.  For example, a curriculum might be “2 courses in natural science, 2 courses in language, and 2 courses in fine art.”  A curriculum typically lists large categories under which many courses may fall.  Sometimes, a curriculum can be very specific and may identify a specific course.

Course offerings explain in detail what courses are offered during a semester.  Courses might be “Astronomy, Spanish II, Black and White Photography.”  Course offerings have a title, a description, professor name, a day and time, and often lists what other requirements the course may fulfill or courses it may be equivalent to.

So, when you see what’s required in your curriculum, don’t start looking for a class called “natural science.”  Look for a class that fulfills that requirement of your curriculum, like “Astronomy.”  College courses are a bit different than most high school courses, and you’re less likely to find cookie-cutter factory style courses (especially in the Honors Program), so make sure to read the course description to understand what course you’re signing up for.

For the Honors Program, you can find our curriculum here. You can find our course offerings here.

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