Congrats to Eydie for the GW Award!

16 May

Eydie Costantino at GW Commencement, 2011

A big congratulations to our very own Eydie Costantino for being awarded the prestigious GW Award at this year’s commencement!

GWToday mentioned it in their coverage of this year’s events:

Dr. Lerman paid tribute to the winners of the 2011 GW Award, one of the highest honors the university can bestow. This year’s awardees were Michael King, professor of chemistry and department chair; Eydie Costantino, assistant director, finance and administration for the University Honors Program; Corbb O’Connor, B.A. ’10; and James Isom, former executive director of the University Police Department.

You can watch the video of it below. (Jump to about 49 minutes in!)


One Response to “Congrats to Eydie for the GW Award!”

  1. maria frawley May 16, 2011 at 7:28 pm #

    CONGRATS (again!) Eydie! A much deserved award. And kudos to Jared to the great pic and the video for all to enjoy. Maria

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